How to choose your female crossdressing name

How to choose your female crossdressing name?

When I speak to my crossdressing customers, I am always curious why some use a female name. I often ask how they chose this name. And as the answers are quite varied, I thought if you are yet to decide or do not know where to start, then this blog post may help you.

It is something that needs some thought becoming a new you, a rebirth if you like, Though do not think you have to stick with the first one you choose, A few I have spoken to have had several female names until they found the perfect fit.


Ask who knows best!

Yes your parents, If you had been born female, What would they have called you? Out of curiosity, why writing this blog, I rang my mum and asked her. I would be after her cousin George, Lucky me then. Leading on is their a female in your family or friends you have a soft spot for or respect? Why not name yourself after her in her honour?


A woman who inspires you

A popular option, Though I tried not to laugh at Buffy! -honest!
But the world is full of inspirational women from world leaders to business gurus to leading actors. Why not pick one of these who you look up to or plain old admire perhaps.

An extension to your name?

An easy option, From Brian, to Bryony or Sam to Samantha. You will hardly forget it as the name is still a part of you! A good starting point in making your transition.
Though I get for some people, this option may not feel right, as this does not distance from the given name.

It just pops-up

Your femme name may "appear" to you in your mind without thinking, and you instantly know its the right one,

If all else fails

There are plenty of baby-naming websites out there listing the current favourites of the day. Why not check one out?
These are the top five girls names in the UK in 2020

4. AVA
5. MIA


When you choose a name, tying saying it out loud as if you are introducing yourself. Practice writing it down. How does this feel, how does your new signature look?

Remember no right or wrong way of choosing your crossdressing female name.
Take your time over it. It is important. Do not be afraid to chop and change until you get the perfect one.

Why not leave me a comment, on what method you used to choose your female crossdressing name?

Abi x

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I chose Claudia after a cousin who died


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