FAQ - Crossdressing

FAQ'S about Crossdressing

With the world of social media and facebook message, it has enabled people to be more vocal and share who they are and what they are with me with total discretion. This means I spend a fair part of my week chatting with men who all are in different parts of their crossdressing journey

One thing I pick up is that some of my customers have never spoken to anyone about their experiences, And from my website stats, I guess that a feeling of being ashamed or shy, awkward even confusion stops even more from hitting the message button.

I am not an expert, taken any professional training, But I don't judge and I am a shoulder if needed. A building block if you like,

In this blog post, I have laid out my frequently asked questions and provide simple short answers.

Please remember that these are just my opinions. They may be right, They may not be, Take them on board if you will.

I will start with the recent conversation I have permission to post. A few details have altered for grammar reasons. Almost without saying, Name has been changed.

John an occasional crossdresser mainly to be a sub to his dominant partner.
In the early days, he told me him and his partner and would both dress up in sexy lingerie which made their sex life exciting and fun.

Then as suddenly it began, his partner de-announced this as perverted and refused to participate when John wore any female lingerie.

They continue to have an active sex life, but John feels it is very one-sided. His partner gets what she wants, But he feels let down by her attitude to him dressing up as well.

Ah, the early days of a relationship, everything is new and exciting, you are both eager to please to the point of getting carried away.
It's good news though you still continue to have a good active sex life with her. I know you feel you want to enhance your experience by wearing lingerie, but regardless you must reassure your partner you still find her sexy, enjoy sex with or without you dressed up.

Have you spoken to her recently about your desire? Do you think she may be open to some kind of negotiation?
Are your boundaries clear? Can you make any compromises?

Present the idea as a role-play so it is an advantage for her. Some women love being dominant in the bedroom,
Make sure you get your point across that she has to be willing and can change her mind or free to say no. If she does, sorry you will just have to respect that.
Good luck, let me know how you get on - Abi x

More to follow

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