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A crossdressing size comparison guide.

Lingerie, to be honest, is designed for women, and we have different body shapes and anatomy to you men. So a size comparison is not an exact science.

Measure your chest

Use a tape measure to around the fullest part under your arms and then all the way around.

I am assuming you are a typical male shape with your shoulders broader than your hips and your tummy does not protrude out too much. If so I recommend you 2 x size up.

Chart sizes are UK. 

 Chest Size inches Baby Doll size
38 14
40 16
42 18
44 20
46 22
48 24


The above chart should be used if you are looking at nightwear.

Top Tip

We would recommend when choosing your sexy baby doll it has stretch 

Then measure your waist,

However you should know this, as this is the size you buy your jeans or trousers - Example 34.

Waist Size inches Panty/Thong size
32 12
34 14
36 16
38 18
40 20
42 22


Please feel free to reach out to me, via the message button (bottom right) if you require any assistance - and see our beginners-guide-to-crossdressing 

Abi x


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