At home eye-soothing treatment for tired eyes.

At home eye-soothing treatment for tired eyes.

One of the disadvantages of modern-day digital life is the amount of time we spend looking at a computer or our phone screens.

Your eyes may feel tired or irritated after frequent use, or you could experience headaches or blurry vision.

We have come up with some simple prevention/treatment tips. for eye-soothing treatment. Why not start them today? 

Take a break
There is a simple but effective rule called 20-20-20. Every 20 minutes look away from the screen and concentrate on something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. As this distance is difficult to judge, look out the window concentrating your eyes on a lamp post or tree.

On top of this rule of looking away every 20 minutes, if you are working intensively at your computer screen, it is wise to balance this with other activities such as taking a lunchtime walk getting natural light.

computer screen with help on it

Screen Tips

Your computer screen should be at your arm's length and viewed at the level of your eyes or slightly below them.
You can enlarge text on computer screens in settings to better suit your levels of comfort.

This simple 10 point routine can help relieve eye fatigue and tension headaches.
Here is what you will need:- An eye cream/ serum from Avon naturally!

Take about a large pea size of the cream/ serum and add just a small drop of oil (optional) and warm between your fingertips.

Apply by very gently smoothing above and beneath the eyes in an outwards direction. You are not aiming for the product to be fully absorbed.

Place your 3 middle fingers into the dip of your temples and let the rest of your hands relax down onto your cheekbones.
Apply a gentle and rhythmic pumping movement approximately 6/10 times.

Place your 3 fingers underneath the start of your brows and gradually work out along the brow bone with gentle pressing motions until you reach the temples.

Repeat this motion under the eyes, starting from the inner to the outer corner, again finishing at the temples.

Repeat above and beneath eyes 3 times. From this point, gently slide thumbs out to the highest point of your brow. Repeat 3 times.

Starting from the nose, gently pinch the brows between thumb and first finger. Repeat at regular intervals along the brow, with slightly more pressure with your thumb.

Point your thumbs inwards towards you and place where your nose reaches your eyebrows. Slide your thumbs out a fraction until you get to a very slight groove in the brow bone. Rest your elbows on the table and lean your head onto your thumbs to apply gentle but constant pressure. There should be no contact from the rest of your hands. Hold this for a count of about 10 seconds.

Using your 1st fingers, place under brows starting close to the nose, and very lightly sweep in an outwards direction around both eyes simultaneously to make a circle around both eyes. Repeat 6 times.

Place middle 3 fingers into the dip at your temples again and rotate. You can apply relatively firm pressure your circles should be rotating in a backwards motion (imagine wheels reversing!). Carry out gentle, rhythmic pumping to finish (as you started)

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