Self-Tanning Tips For Beginners  Feel great this summer

Self-Tanning Tips For Beginners Feel great this summer

Can you think of a beauty treatment that instantly makes you feel great about yourself? One that over a quarter of women have tried. A treatment that not only makes you feel great but also saves you sitting for hours under a hot sun and the perils that can bring!

Yes, you guessed it! Self-Tanning Tips For Beginners is the subject here, and we give you the lowdown in this blog of how to get that amazing well-applied tan.

How to prep for fake tan

The burning question we all want to answer is "How do I get my fake tan even?"

The key to a flawless tan is prep.

This will make sure your fake tan glides smoothly on and sinks evenly into your skin 


The purpose here is to remove that top layer of dead skin cells, paying close attention to the drier parts of your body, namely the elbows, knees, hands and feet. Use either a mitt or scrub in the shower to achieve this. 

Alternatively use a sponge scourer you would use for washing up. The pad is harsh enough to rub away the stubborn areas of dry skin but soft enough not to aggravate or damage it.

You may also want to remove any body hair, And Avon does a product called Facial hair removal cream at only £2.50 in this campaign

Avon facial hair removal


  • Drinking plenty of water will keep your skin dewy and hydrated. 
  • Moisturise every day for a week before tanning
  • Wait at least 8 hours after your self-tan to moisturise. This will not only make it last longer but also helps prevent your tanned skin from flaking away.
  • If your skin is oily, remember to keep it well hydrated and use a good body lotion. Use a few sprays of the iconic Avon Skin So Soft.
  • Try adding the night before your tan a small amount of rock salt to your moisturiser and rub that into your skin. The grainy texture will help exfoliate your skin and prepare it for applying fake tan.

This will make your tan glide on, giving a smooth, even application.


  • We would recommend using a tanning mitt
  • For your back, if possible try getting someone else to as there are some hard to reach parts
  • When applying to the face, use an old makeup brush to ensure even coverage for the perfect faux glow.
  • Work from your feet up to reduce going over parts you have already tanned.


  • Try not to let anything come into contact with your skin to avoid patches and streaks, so wait until your tan is completely dry before touching it or getting dressed.
  • To speed this process up, use your hairdryer

How to make a fake tan by yourself?

Why not make your fake tan? It's quite simple.

Use tea bags, water and a touch of vanilla extract. 

Mix these ingredients in a spray bottle, apply generously and evenly to your skin and leave to dry as per above.

We hope you have enjoyed Self-Tanning Tips For Beginners and good luck for when you try.

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