Lisa Armstrong Makeup Avon. 3 ways to wear eye-liner.

Lisa Armstrong Makeup Avon. 3 ways to wear eye-liner.

Lisa Armstrong has been in the make-up industry for 20 years + her background was working on celebrity shoots for magazines, TV and then she moved to work with Sharon Osbourne on the X-Factor, Lisa is the well known Head of Hair and Makeup for Strictly and The masked dancer.

In 2021 Lisa Armstrong Makeup Avon range was launched.  

In today’s blog, Lisa Armstrong has shared 3 ways to wear Avon eye-liner.

Part of the Lisa Armstrong Makeup Avon range on our online Avon Store.

Eyeliner is so personal, so Lisa Armstrong has designed hers to allow you to create your favourite look, whatever that is, with the perfect nib for thin, thick or winged lines. Like Lisa do you love to wear a simple line in the day and then add a wing if you are going out?
It’s so important that you can rely on your Avon eyeliner – panda eyes are not a good look – so Lisa's has a glide-on, fast-dry liquid formula which means you’re good to go as soon as you’ve applied it.


Lisa Armstrong Avon Eye Liner

For a thin line angle the very tip of the pen along your lash line and press down gently. Aim to use short strokes so you don’t lose accuracy.
The top tip for shaking hands is to lean your elbow on something solid as support.


Lisa Armstrong Avon Eye Liner
If you’d like a thicker line, just angle the tip so that more of the pen makes contact with your lash line.


Lisa Armstrong Avon Eye Liner

To finish your line with a wing, glide the edge of the pen up from the outer corner of your eye – this one does take a bit more practice but it’s like riding a bike once you’ve got the hang of it!

Eyeliner Error

One for the trusty cotton bud! First, apply a tiny bit of eye-makeup remover to the bud to tidy any mistakes and then use the other end to dust on any bits of eyeshadow you’ve removed in the process.

Lisa has drawn upon her 20 years of experience as a make-up artist to develop a capsule collection of essential beauty products exclusively for Avon. The range is designed to be wearable for everyday looks and bringing out every woman's natural confidence!

You can view the Lisa Armstrong Avon range here.  You can also see Lisa Armstrong Avon Reviews at the same time.

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