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Prep for a night of Valentine's romance with a home spa

Valentine's day is fast approaching and what better way to prepare for a night of romance is to make a little me time.

A great way to do this is to treat yourself to some at-home spa time.

Run a warm bath and add the bath oil. Close the bathroom door and allow the aromas to infuse the room, creating a spa ambience.

Light the candle, dim or turn off the lights to create soft lighting and a relaxing environment

Soak in the bath and try this simple relaxing technique:

  • Close your eyes and place your hand gently on your stomach.- Focus on breathing in from your stomach and out through your mouth. If you have got it right you will feel your stomach expand, not your lungs.
  • Feel your body start to relax. Try and empty your mind and focus on your breathing.
  • As your breathing regulates, focus on relaxing each part of your body, a section at a time.
  • Starting with your feet, feeling them becoming heavier and heavier, gradually moving up your lower legs, upper legs, buttocks, back, arms, shoulders and finally your head.

Once you feel you have soaked and relaxed for long enough, carry out your Body scrub. Better to do this now, rather than earlier on, so you are not sitting in the granules!
Pay particular attention to any dry, rough areas.

If you find it difficult to scrub in the bath, miss this step out and carry out in the shower next time you have one.

Once out of the bath, dry yourself thoroughly and apply a liberal amount of body moisturiser. Take the time to slowly and rhythmically apply to your whole body, using upwards sweeping movements to stimulate circulation and oxygen flow.

Apply an overnight mask to your face (ensure it is fully cleansed 1st) to treat your skin through the night.

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