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Customer review on the best selling Avon Mascara of 2020

I ask Shirley an Avon mascara user for many years, how she got on when she trialled an Avon Genius Mascara. Which by the way was our biggest selling single item of 2020.

As a front line care worker, Wearing a mask and make-up together is becoming a big no-no as I am finding discomfort wearing it,

I wear Avon Genius mascara because it makes my eyelashes stand out and this genius mascara is the best one I have tried as there are no clumps goes on perfect and gives the perfect eyelashes. I would give it 10 out of 10

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Some handy Avon mascara tips 

  • Never pump the brush into bottle, this overused technique allows too much air in which they will dry out your formula
  • Giving your lashes some prep with a curler will keep your results for longer when topping up with your mascara
  • Use an easy zigzag motion to achieve mega volume
  • Use the pointed end of your brush to get the hard to reach places like corners of the eyes
  • Liner added to the root of your lashes will give a bolder, luscious look

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