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The difference between a Baby Doll and a Chemise

A frequent question I get asked is the difference between a baby doll and a chemise?

They are easily confused, as they are both nighties, short and made from the same fabrics and sleeveless. They both are sexy and seductive comfy nightwear.

Both of these timeless lingerie pieces are on the short side, falling above the knee.

But this is where the differences come in.
The chemise will typically hit the mid-thigh or slightly lower, whereas the baby doll is shorter with some just scraping the bottom, they also come in sets with matching panties.

The chemise is also a snug fit skimming the body, and the baby doll is a looser fit more so around the hips.

A baby doll tends to have separate cups not only giving more support but showing off the bust more than a chemise.

Which one do you prefer? Why not leave a comment and let me know?

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