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What the colour of your lingerie says about you!

Colour reflects our personality, Plays our emotions and influences our moods. Colour since the dawn of time also sends signals out.
When this comes to Lingerie - By choosing one of these colours, This is what it says about you!

Red Lingerie

Sexy and sultry! you think - RED!
It ignites passion increases chemistry and fuels energy.
This colour oozes your boldness and confidence.

You have curves, what's more, you want to show them off!
Sexually secure, You will show animal sex instincts.
On a mission to ride your man all night.! You will leave him panting and begging you to stop!

The big question is you can handle red - Can he?

Black Lingerie

Black Baby Doll

Seductive, classic and timeless. And the over-whelming chosen colour.

The colour of the night. Absorbing the energy around you, Harnessing it to turn you into a leader with authority and power.

It will open up the opportunity for new ideas and sexual experimentation. A woman wearing black will respond keenly to wishes. You want your man to be in heaven.

Why? You want to be in sexual heaven yourself.

A great slimming colour ladies if you are a little bit body-conscious.
Black is a safe colour, which can be dressed up or dressed down to suit your mood and desires.


White Hold-ups

The bridal colour portraying innocence and purity

You are loving and caring, Yet with that little bit of minx in you.
You are the Virgin look to learn and try new things.
The question is - Who is teaching who here?

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