Too Tired for Sex - Man and woman sleeping

Too Tired for Sex?

One of the most frequent questions I get from both sexes is
"That its all very well getting your sexy lingerie to wear in the bedroom, I am too tired for sex."

So that's it you are in the vicious circle, Start divorce proceedings!

But in reality, of course, it's ok to be too tired for sex.
Now I get this, Kids, jobs, keeping the house and social life, age creeping up! Come bedtime go to sleep. The dreaded six o'clock alarm!

Does this mean your sex life is over? of course, it isn't.

When it does become a problem when one night becomes a week, which becomes a month and you can hear the mutterings of your partner. Sex becomes a chore when it should be the direct opposite. As a couple, set a few ground rules to make sure this does not happen.

May seem obvious there are 24 hours in a day, why limit sex to bedtime? Sure it takes a little bit of planning and some creativity. If you get an opportunity to have sex, take it!

Put some thought and effort into coming up with ideas for alone time during the day!

Set the alarm half an hour earlier
Meet back at home during your lunch break
Pack the kids off to an after school club

But of course, the staple of sex life should be bedtime, And if you are too tired, Then go to bed earlier!

When I wrote social life gets in the way of early nights, What I meant is that being on Facebook at stupid o'clock is a nasty habit to break. Also, the blue light emitted by electronics means "wired up" when you should be relaxing.

Have a rule all electronics off an hour before bedtime, take a shower, read a book, put your favourite music on, Relax!

A thing to strive for is exercise. A vigorous walk or a cycle ride at night raises your mood gets your circulation going and blood right down to your genitals.

And then of course when you get to bed! Whereas hot raunchy sex invariably involving some super sexy stockings and lots of different positions. Sometimes it is just not for you.

Sex is not all about penetration, more about intimacy. Even if you are not in the mood, ten minutes of kissing, cuddling and touching will soon change that.

To sum up, being too tired for sex, you are far from alone. In today's age, this is extremely common. All that's needed is a change of mindset, a little extra effort and talking to your partner.

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