Checking for signs of Breast Cancer. An Avon cause

Checking for signs of Breast Cancer. An Avon cause

Every year in the UK alone, 62,000 people are diagnosed with breast cancer*, with a staggering 12,000 dying of this terrible disease.

The majority are aged over 50, but about 5000 under this age also get diagnosed.

In other words, one in eight women is affected by breast cancer.

MYTH Men can not catch breast cancer.
Where it is rare 400 men a year are diagnosed with it.

But the good news is, if detected early it is very treatable.

*This includes DCIS an early form of Breast cancer. 

Early detection is vital.

The earlier it is detected, the better your survival chances.

87 % will live for five years plus
78 % will live for ten years plus

What causes Breast Cancer

Several different factors in play but not understood fully.
But a common myth it is a family history that causes it, This is only true in about 5 % of cases.

lifestyle choices can increase your risks

Unhealthy diet
Lack of physical exercise
Being overweight

There is no set method on checking your boobs, everyone is different, and you know your body best but make this part of your routine.

Many of the signs are best spotted when seen so I would do them in front of a mirror.

Signs and symptoms to check monthly.

Other factors such as hormones, changes with age, and naturally occurring lumps coming and going making it vital to check monthly. This way you will get to know what is ok and what may need checking.

MYTH A lump is the only thing to look for.

Whereas this is a sign, It is not the only sign.

It is also important to note. I am not telling you to look for cancer sign. The odds are there won't be any, but by regularly checking you will know what is normal and any changes you will pick up early.

Remember some of these may be part of your monthly cycle, but the key message - If in doubt, Get it checked out.

Look for changes in skin texture e.g puckering/dimpling
Feel for lumps and thickening
look for nipple discharge
look for nipple inversion and changes in direction
look for swelling in your armpit or around the collar bone
Feel for constant, unusual pain in your breast or armpit
look for a sudden change in size or shape
look for a rash or crusting of the nipple or surrounding area
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