Avon Far Away gift set

Avon Far Away Perfume, Your saviour during lockdown

How this humble £12 Avon Far Away Perfume Gift Set can be your saviour during the lockdown.

A day into the latest lockdown, freezing outside, but that's ok, there is nowhere to go, no friends you are allowed to see, No browsing the shops for the January sales. Only a month or more of overwhelming boredom to look forward too.

But though you may not realise it, what you are also missing is the random and occasionally invigorating sensations that everyday life throws at us.

Surprisingly perfume sales have increased during this last year of lockdown. I was curious to find out the reason why?

Transport your senses to an exotic land with the floral and oriental Far Away Perfume Gift Set.
Engage and delight yourself with the unmatched scenery of Japan
or the sun-kissed beaches of Turkey

At the same time serving as a reminder of the scents of your mum. A missed reminder of an old friend.

The sense of smell is a direct link to your memory, How many times do you smell something, and in your mind, you see the person, the destination or object, with the sounds, feelings and emotions that all come with it.

Avon Far Away has become more than the finishing touch to your outfit.

I think what I am trying to say is that perfume provides you with escapism, along with reading, cooking listening to some music can transport us elsewhere, or remind us of loved ones, even if only for a matter of seconds.


And for only £12 an investment worth making. You can get this Avon Far Away gift set by clicking here.

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