Avon Far Away Perfume - one sold every 30 seconds

Avon Far Away Perfume 1 sold every 30 seconds.

Did you know that Avon sells more fragrances than any other fragrance house in the UK?

Wow, what an opening statement to make!

The question we get asked the most is!

Which Avon perfume is the best?


Avon Far Away Perfume the iconic number one.

Embrace the infusion of dreamy floriental scents embodied in our iconic, best-selling perfume. Infused with notes of freesia, jasmine and vanilla musk, transport your senses with our Far Away Eau de Parfum.

Avon Far Away was launched back in 1994, becoming at one point the best selling fragrance in the world. Even today an Avon Far Away in the UK one is sold every five minutes. World wide Far Away original sells one every thirty seconds.

In a global industry that launches a 1000 perfumes per year, this is an achievement the Far Away brand continues to grow.

To celebrate Avon Far Away perfume 25th birthday. Avon launched Far Away Glamour.

This sophisticated new fragrance, created by top perfumers Jean-Marc Chaillan and Veronia Casanova, offers notes of powerful blackcurrant bud, orange flower and Madagascan vanilla – the highest quality vanilla and signature ingredient of the Far Away brand. It encourages wearers to take a walk on the glam side.

Avon is a Perfume Powerhouse, selling more than US$ 1 billion worldwide each year. Tested against leading competitors, Far Away Rebel was one of Avon’s best-selling female fragrances in 2020.

Avon asked over 200 perfume lovers to blind test Avon Rebel against luxury brands. 65% agreed it was as good as Mugler Alien!

Far Away Rebel is a fragrance that sells 22 bottles every minute around the world.

Rebel is a unique and addictive combination of salty chocolate and caramel. This scent creates an alluring balance of naughty and nice, with a daring spirit of flirtatious sophistication.

The Avon Far Away Perfume collection

Avon Far Away
Discover a carefree paradise with the comforting warmth of freesia, jasmine and vanilla musk

Avon Far Away Infinity
Escape to your endless journey with the energy of osmanthus, ylang ylang and vanilla

Avon Far Away Rebel and Diva
Embrace your confident and irresistible side with the unapologetic blend of pink peppercorn, magnolia and salted caramel popcorn accord

Avon Far Away Rebel and Diva

Avon Far Away Gold
Enjoy a lavish moment away with the radiance of marigold, gardenia and vanilla.

Avon Far Away Glamour
Step into your glamorous haven with the alluring addiction of blackcurrant, orange flower and vanilla

Avon Far Away Rebel
Express your authentic self with bold creme de cassis, orange blossom, salted caramel and toffee accord

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Which Far Away Perfume will you choose?

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