Customer review on Avon Genius Mascara. 3 sold every minute.

Customer review on Avon Genius Mascara. 3 sold every minute.

I ask Lisa B, a Benefit Mascara user for many years, how she got on when she trialled an Avon Genius Mascara. Which by the way was our biggest selling single item of 2020.

What do you think of the Avon Genius Mascara?

Applies well, giving me great coverage, has a rich colour, with staying power meaning it lasts all day.

If you were in charge of Genius Mascara, what would you change?

I'd like to see a mascara without a brand new wand every time to limit waste. I'm not a big fan of moulded plastic/silicon brushes, but I can live with it.

What is the number one difference you notice over Benefit Mascara?

The price, The Avon mascara delivers! A nostalgic lockdown impulse buys of a Benefit mini mascara, I regretted. Don't get me wrong, benefit do great Mascara, But Avon is half the price.

How would you feel if you stopped using the Avon Genius Mascara?

Naked! Like many people, I'm working from home, that means lots of meetings in Teams & Zoom.
I'm not worried about my colleagues seeing my crazy hair or my comfy old fleece. But I always make sure I've got my mascara on. To be human is a couple of coats! I've attached a pic for you.
One eye with a couple of quick coats and the other without, see what I mean?

Avon genius mascara

You have had the Mascara for three months, would you buy again?

Mine is still going strong, so not needing a new one right now. Though I do have fine sparse lashes, So Avon's True Euphoric Mascara is something next on the radar to try.

Thank you, I am glad you told me about the Avon Genius Mascara. & comparing to benefit this is saying something, that it exceeded expectations. I can see myself sticking with Avon & looking forward to purchasing this again.

Avon is the company that puts Mascara on Lashes! For 60 years they lead the way in design. So much so they have sold three in the time it has taken you to read this article!

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