Collection: Tips for dealing with the Menopause

Menopause shouldn’t be a taboo subject. So let’s talk!

The Adapt range by Avon will address skin changes bringing calm and balance to the skin from the fluctuations in hormones during perimenopause.

The perimenopause – the years leading up to menopause – is a journey all women experience and can be identified through its skin effects.

Perimenopause starts around 40-50 when oestrogen levels drop and your periods become sporadic.

The Avon Adapt collection formulated with adaptogens*, derived from plant extracts that adapt, encouraging the body to balance hormones and resist the harmful effects of stress.

Menopause is when periods stop for 12 months. 

Women experience drier skin, breakouts, blotchiness, hot flushes and a loss in firmness.

As a woman gets closer to menopause, the following changes begin to occur:

• increased loss of collagen 

• decrease in skin elasticity

• dry skin 

• hot flushes 

• decreasing skin thickness

Three problems - Three Avon Product Solutions make up this range

Hot flushes can come on fiercely and suddenly and last from 30 seconds to 10 minutes.

Incorporate cooling, soothing products into your daily skincare regime to help skin feel more comfortable.

Icy Cooling Elixir Facial Mist 100% of women saw an instant reduction in skin temperature spritz to cool, soothe and drench skin with hydration at home or on the go. 

Skin’s moisture starts to decline faster once perimenopause begins.

Hydra Rescue On-The-Go Serum instantly grants skin a moisture boost of 98% • twice daily, massage into skin to swaddle thirsty cells with nourishment.

30% of collagen is lost in the first five years of menopause and sleep can become disrupted.

Dream Cream Night Cream helps double collagen production and calm skin 

• apply to cleansed face and neck before bed.


Turmeric, known as the “spice of life”, has a history of use within homoeopathic and cultural rituals. It also has a bounty of research supporting anti-inflammatory activity. 

In traditional Southeast Asian medicine tilliacora has been used for a long time. In Thailand, people call this plant “never get old for a thousand years”.

Studies found that perimenopausal women who are active throughout the day sleep better and are awoken less often by hot flushes and night sweats. Regular exercise can help this, as well as improve mood and anxiety levels. 

• Certain things might trigger hot flushes, e.g. caffeine, spicy food, smoking and alcohol. Keep a diary of your side effects. When you feel a hot flush coming on, note down what you have eaten or what activity you’ve just done. Look for patterns and try to avoid triggers

• You’re not alone when going through perimenopause, though it can often feel like it! Don’t be afraid to open up and talk about how you’re feeling – you’ll probably discover others are experiencing the same thing, you can even laugh (or cry) about it together


• Follow a 2-step night-time cleansing routine, such as a make-up remover and cleanser, or a double cleanse, to ensure your skin and pores are deeply cleansed. 

By doing this helps remove old skin cells and pollutants. Leaving the skin more capable of functioning overnight.

• Use more intensive skincare at night to maximise the skin’s renewal process. Serums, overnight masks and rich hydrating creams, like Adapt Dream Cream Night Cream, are ideal. 

• Try to be in bed by 11 pm to allow the optimum amount of time for your skin to repair itself. The majority of these functions happen between midnight and 4 am, or whenever your sleep is at its deepest. 


Our skin’s cell renewal is at its fastest and most effective at night, while our skin is not ‘under attack’ from external factors such as UV rays and pollution. As a result, our skin can focus its energy on renewing and repairing itself.

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