Why buy Premium Ballerina tights and our top ten sellers

Why buy Premium Ballerina tights and our top ten sellers

The market is awash with tights, from opaque to seemed, from sheer to lace. 
Any local Tesco or Primark shows a staggering range.
However, from personal experience, these tights do not stay up very long, easily snag and uncomfortable.

You are in luck here at Quinn Lingerie, which offers high-end Ballerina tights designed to last!

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We hear from Cassie, who can vouch for this, as she changed from cheap Tesco tights to Quality Ballerina Tights.

woman wearing Ballerina Tights

"After wearing cheap supermarket tights, I had a chat with Abbie at quinnbeauty.co.uk, who convinced me to try a quality pair of Ballerina tights instead.

I say they are comfortable and non-slip, easily the best I have ever worn." 

One of the reasons Cassie loves our Ballerina Tights is because their hosiery uses the innovative Lycra fibre blended with a soft microfibre. 

Thus the tights give you comfort without compromising style. To create the highest-quality hosiery, Ballerina works with one of the oldest factories in Italy that have operated for over a century. 

Cassie continues to say that.

"The tights have turned out to be an excellent investment where I was buying several pairs to replace the easily snagged ones.  Now I only need one pair,  I can not believe how I look! It makes me look good. I have had comments on how fabulous I look."

Woman wearing Ballerina Tights


We accept at first look, Ballerina tights at £17 plus a pair are expensive, but the devil here is in the detail.

It is simply High-end hosiery that focuses on unique and striking patterns. 

Ballerina tights are excellent in incorporating intricate detailing and the softest fabrics that feel luxurious against your legs. More than we can say for cheaper brands!

Ballerina tights are the foundation of your outfit. They can take you from a night out with your girlfriends to an intimate dinner with your significant other.  

Why not buy a pair and feel the difference.

Buy any 2 pairs of Ballerina tights for £30 here and enjoy FREE delivery

To help you choose, we have compiled our top ten selling Ballerina Tights.

Top ten selling Ballerina Tights

What makes you and Ballerina Hosiery stand out from the crowd is its unbeatable quality. 

It is simply High-end hosiery that focuses on striking patterns. The tights in our top ten list are all unique.

Ballerina 546 Tights Black/Skin


Woman wearing Ballerina Tights

Not just our best selling pair of tights, This is our best seller full stop.

These classic black tights feature a gorgeous and striking faux hold-up and suspender effect. An exclusive product that is delicately perfumed. 

From the Black Harmony collection taking the world by storm in 2021, sky-rocketing to our number one spot

You can view our Ballerina Black Harmony collection here and buy any two for £31

Ballerina 302 Tights Nero (Black) / Skin


Woman wearing Ballerina Tights

These gorgeous tights are stand-out with beautiful detail on the back of the thigh.

Ballerina 412 Tights Nero (Black)


Woman wearing Ballerina Tights

Wow! What a stunning pair of tights. A great combination of blue and dark grey adds enough colour to bring these tights to life. 

Ballerina 308 Tights Nero (Black) / Skin


Woman wearing Ballerina Tights

This design is an eye-catching effect. 

Ballerina 459 Tights Nero (Black) / Skin


Woman wearing Ballerina Tights

A sexy pair of tights in Nero (Black) / Skin features a black swirly design at the knees and around the crotch area. 

Buy any 2 pairs of Ballerina tights for £30 here and enjoy FREE delivery

Ballerina 414 Tights Skin / Nero (Black)


Woman wearing Ballerina Tights

A beautiful pair of tights featuring a beautiful pattern at the cheeks and mid-thigh

Ballerina 456 Tights Nero (Black) / Skin


Woman wearing Ballerina Tights

A gothic pair of tights with traditional detailing at the top of the leg

Ballerina 457 Tights Black/Skin


Woman wearing Ballerina Tights

My personal favourite

Hot quirky pair of tights with an exciting addition of fiery red. 

Features a lovely swirly pattern at the knee finished with a contrasting faux red suspender across the skin panel onto the top of the tights.

Ballerina 413 Tights Grey


Woman wearing Ballerina Tights

A gorgeous pair of tights in a warm Grey which features a beautiful combination of different patterns and Lurex thread to add a little sparkle

Ballerina 304 Tights Nero (Black) / Skin


Woman wearing Ballerina Tights

Elegant tights that feature a Skin colour at the top of the thigh with a belt-like design at the top.

Ballerina is known for its grace, poise, and elegance. 

No surprise that these tights rank as our best sellersThe brand captures the seductive and feminine aura of a ballerina. These Ballerina tights are not just for dancing to Swan Lake. These premium brand tights are must-haves.

Why not buy a pair today?

Buy any 2 pairs of Ballerina tights for £30 here and enjoy FREE delivery

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