Abbie writes an open letter to her trolls

Abbie writes an open letter to her trolls

Dear Mr and Mrs Online Trolls

With people dying in Ukraine, It may seem churlish to write this open letter. But I am a believer in writing my worries away.

I am not going to name and shame. I am not going to publish the screenshots. I am not even going to publicise this letter, I will write it post it on my website, and if anyone reads, they do. If they do not, they do not.

A bit about me, if you don't mind a nutshell introduction, My name is Abbie Quinn, 46 years old Tesco worker, A mother of one. I model Avon PJ'S online and sell through catalogues. I am good at what I do and enjoy my life to the max.

In the last week, I have had from you threats to drive me to suicide, late-night calls, sexual suggestions, and a suggestion that the Pjs I model are tents! From four different people

Even as I write this, Another has joined in with the fun! Instantly blocked, I am busy Mr, troll!

And now 930 at night, My phone is ringing continually with a stream of verbal abuse.

I am not rising to the bait or feeding the troll, he will eventually get bored,

The simple solution is, of course, is to stop modelling
That way, I would not be sitting here shaking, holding back tears, feeling low and worthless.

So Mr and Mrs Trolls, I raise the white flag and surrender. You have won!

March's Avon catalogue was open on the fashion pages, is now firmly shut!



A poem called "you did not win"

Sticks and stones may break my bones
But Trolls on their mobile phones
On the keyboard, they go tap, tap, tap
spouting out utter crap

Will YOU win - not a chance
To your tune, I certainly do not dance
I right here make my stand
See my middle finger raised on my hand!

The reason why the Avon catalogue remains shut, Is because I submitted my order a short time ago.
I will publish the photos here - Them I will show.

On my face a smile which will be wide
Because however hard to break me that you tried
You did not win
Yours faithfully, Abbie Quinn

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