stockings vs holdups

Stockings VS Hold ups- What hosiery will you choose?

Stockings VS Hold ups

Are you looking to kill people with your glamorous and feminine looks? There can only be two choices: stockings and holdups. These are the ultimate lingerie of choice for bold and confident women. Whether you swear by your stockings or prefer matching it up with a pair of holdups, there is no going wrong with these sexy pieces of hosiery.  

Picking a favourite from the two ultimately comes down to how stylish, confident, and sexy you want to feel. To help you make an informed choice, here is a matchup of this tantalizing lingerie. 


Stockings are a shapely leg’s best friend. They tend to accentuate your female form in a way no other lingerie can. They exaggerate the hip area and make your thighs look longer. No wonder they have been a source of erotic fantasy for men over many decades.

Stockings end on the thigh, so you need a suspender belt to hold them. Made from silky nylon, which adds a comfortable feel to your skin. Their bare upper thighs make them the lingerie of choice in warm weather. They are, no doubt, the epitome of sex appeal. 

Among the many reasons why you would go with stockings includes: 

Comfort - As mentioned, stockings are made from comfortable silky nylon material. Additionally, they help you cool down in warm weather and are perfect for the summer.

They look great - Not only are stockings super comfy, but they also look tantalizing on a female body. Every man certainly appreciates how bodacious women in stockings look. They are the ultimate confidence booster and perfectly blend stylishness and sexual appeal. 

Antique genuineness - If you elect to go with a pair of stockings, you will be choosing to experience hosiery the old-school way. The 100% nylon material is precisely what made stockings decades ago. It is refreshing for any retro fashion enthusiast.

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hold ups

Holdups, on the other hand, are similar to stockings, but they require a silicone band to hold them up. They are more like stockings designed to stay up without additional straps for support. The silicone bands allow the holdups to seamlessly blend against your body, adding to the sense of style and class. They will no doubt invite sensual caresses from his hand!

Why should you have them in your wardrobe?

Aesthetics - For one, they are as sexually appealing as the stockings, especially because they end on the thigh. Perfect for you to explore your femininity. 

Easy to wear - Unlike stockings, you don’t need any strappings to wear holdups. All you need to do is pull them up, which is convenient if you are in a rush but still want to feel sexy.

Comfortable - Holdups give you the same smooth feel on your skin as tights. They will no doubt titillate your other half in the bedroom, sending him into an erotic frenzy. 

Which way to go? Stockings VS Hold ups

It depends on your style and what you feel confident to wear. Both pieces of lingerie make you feel sexy, womanly, and glamorous. Pick the right choice of clothing for them, and you will be attracting those admiring glances like a magnet.

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