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Give away holdups competition to win unique quality hosiery.

Due to our last competition being a success, we have decided to celebrate by doing a give away holdups contest, 3 pairs to be exact with an RRP of £45

In this blog post, there is a 20% off code

Details on how to enter, further down, but feel to read my blog post first.

Thinking sexy stockings today, Ladies & Gents I am curious about your thoughts?

Adding spice in the bedroom! Turning you on! Driving you wild and pleasing you.   

I am guessing if you are a male reading this, then you are nodding your head.   

Stockings do help kindle passion and keeping things hot and pass the time. 


Today, sorry gents this blog post is not all about you! 

It may come as a bit of a shock that all ladies don't like wearing raunchy outfits with matching stockings. But all ladies love hosiery that suits their style and personality. That's why this page is all things

Holdups - Stockings without the fuss of a fiddly suspender belt!

These are the ultimate lingerie of choice for bold and confident women. There is no going wrong with these sexy pieces of hosiery.  

Holdups are similar to stockings, but they require a silicone band to hold them up. They are more like stockings designed to stay up without additional straps for support. The silicone bands allow the holdups to seamlessly blend against your body, adding to the sense of style and class. They will no doubt invite sensual caresses from his hand!

Why should you have pairs of holdups in your wardrobe?

Aesthetics - For one, they are as sexually appealing as the stockings, especially because they end on the thigh. Perfect for you to explore your femininity. 

Easy to wear - Unlike stockings, you don’t need any fiddly suspender belt clips to wear holdups. All you need to do is pull them up, which is convenient if you are in a rush but still want to feel sexy.

Comfortable - Holdups give you the same smooth feel on your skin as tights. They will no doubt titillate your other half in the bedroom, sending him into an erotic frenzy. 

Seasonally - hold ups are great for the summer months, they allow you to have some coverage but with more air circulation. 

Comfy, beautiful and practical how can anyone argue with that!? 

We have chosen Ballerina for our holdups collection in this competition as like you, they focus on elegance and comfort.

Paying high attention to details which makes them high-quality and unique. You demand modern fashion - You have got it!

Ballerina Holdups - save 20% when buying 3

Our give away holdups contest is simple to enter, Remember I am giving away  3 pairs with a RRP of £45

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Good luck Abbie.



I would love to win this prize to feel confident and sexy.

Linda Jones

Look amazing very sexy

Steve Horn

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