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Five Great Reasons to wear a chemise (10% discount for reading)

If you do not own a multi-functional, slinky piece of lingerie, the chemise a super sexy smock, Then after reading this blog you may change your mind.

They can either be worn under your day clothes or as nightwear Made from fabrics such as silk, satin or cotton. If you love the beauty of sexy lingerie, A chemise is the fashion statement for you.

Whether you are looking for some sexy lingerie to spice up the bedroom or after some luxurious new nightwear you need to read. (discount code at bottom)

Five Great Reasons to wear a chemise

There is a chemise for every woman.

A chemise makes you feel glamorous.

Our trusted brands love Chemises with different materials, styles, designs and bold colours. The chemise highlights your feminine features being both Subtle and flowing. They have evolved from being objects of mere comfort to being the essential part of the lingerie ensemble to make a woman feel sexy and beautiful, most of all chemises are romantic.

Lady wearing a white chemise/night dress

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They are comfortable nightwear.

The main reason why you need to wear a chemise, the fabrics used are soft and sensual to the skin. By perfectly fitting your body, they allow movement as you toss and turn during the night.
They are light during the summer, or as an extra layer to keep warm through the winter, wake up feeling refreshed.

Woman wearing blue chemise

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You are in charge!

The chemise is a sexy piece of lingerie, what do you think your man prefers, A pair of cheap baggy Pjs or you wearing a short chemise showing off your curves, arms and legs?

A satin or silk number with a touch of lace for the ultimate sexy effect will do the trick.

In the winter you don't need a radiator to turn up the heat!

Your bedroom, your rules, All the effort you put into getting the ambience and the design of it perfect, Then why not be feminine, sexy and all the power that brings with it. Take the compliment of your man being the object of his lust and desire, and use it to your advantage!

woman wearing a raunchy black chemise

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A sexy secret

Why not wear a soft and sensual chemise, under your day to day work clothes. Your sexy little secret which will boost your confidence and power no end. Or of course, a little lace trim peek showing out over the top, will keep the attention on you from your male colleagues.

woman wearing a sexy black chemise

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Great if you are a little lingerie shy

After a little extra confidence in the bedroom? A chemise offers full coverage of your more private areas why still looking feminine and flirty. Also if you are a bit body conscious the flowing design of a chemise, will flatter your curves why showing off your bust why skimming your body.

figure-hugging chemise?

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