Round Jute and Recycle Denim Rug - 150 cm - Quinn Beauty

Round Jute and Recycle Denim Rug - 150 cm

Bring some inherent, natural beauty into your home, with these handmade, fair-traded extremely fashionable jute rugs.

Made from the sustainable Jute plant, When woven gives real durability! Great when you have little ones or pets running around your home, being low maintenance with a quick hoover, or spot clean is a bonus.

super soft to touch, they give them an artisan look!

Can you imagine the texture and warmth they will bring to your living space? Designed to be neutral in both colour and tone, they will blend right into your style.

Brought to you at a reasonable price. 

Made from sustainable jute and recycled cotton sari material or recycled denim off-cuts.

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