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Body Stocking UK 16-18

Are you are sitting comfortably?   We would like to present to you with our best selling number.  The Body Stocking... Lingerie at its finest  sexy, mesmerising whilst still being classy 

This Black Body Stocking comes from the Shirley of Hollywood collection, Where their products make you feel like a princess or A-LIST celeb!

On the first look, we understand you may think its looks slightly torturous, marginally confusing and could be unflattering to certain areas but we can assure you all of these concerns are far from the truth. The Body stocking has a unique way of controlling curves and bulges whilst highlighting how beautiful every body shape is. It is without a doubt the most seductive lingerie item you can purchase, it is subtly revealing whilst intriguing your partner further, offering a little glimpse of skin through lovely sheer materials will drive anyone crazy 

Instructions on how to put on.

1) Working from the top (Neckline) carefully roll the material in your hands, gathering all tightly until you come to the tips of the toes entry, pop one foot in roll up to knee height and then doing the same with you next tootsie.

2) Get your best wriggle moves on - Make sure you keep the front at the front and back at back, so do not twist the garment just gently wriggle your body into the stocking like you would tights, slowly does it!

3) If you have gone for crotchless style make sure when this area meets correct body position please make sure the cutout material is in the right position, it's easier now then trying to do when the garment is fully on

4) Once you get to belly height this in when you need to get your arms in, one at a time, slowly and wriggle in like you would a leotard or tight swimsuit. Then once arms are in pull up to your neckline

5) You have done, you are in and now its time to go enjoy!

Whether you bought this to wear under an evening dress or for that night of passion you will feel fantastic and your partner ...well they are in for an absolute treat! Bodystockings are for everyone and do not underestimate how great this garment is ..... go see for yourself!



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