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100% Cotton Masks - Pack of 5


Once on, the idea is to touch your face as little as possible. Wear the comfortable & breathable fabric cotton which should be non-irritating to your skin. You want the mask secure, so it sits close to your skin, but not tight.

Try slipping a coffee filter between the fabric for added protection.

  • TRY IT! Now is the time to get protected.100 % soft cotton face masks made in Europe by Irall. These masks can be washed at 60 degrees, ironed & re-used making them very economical.
  • They have a double layer of cotton to provide cover and protection to the mouth and nose. Made in two sizes, men's and women's for optimum fit.
  • To offer these at a slightly reduced rate, and Free delivery we are selling them in packs of 5 
  • Material 100% cotton
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