Why Buy Avon from me in Chard and Ilminster?

Never really thought much of Avon before? Just an old fashioned catalogue company that your Granny used to buy.

Just about to click the back button right now - Not interested.?

WAIT, STOP, DON'T DO IT! - PLEASE GIVE ME 30 SECONDS OF YOUR TIME - This may be of your benefit!!!!

We have helped 200 + customers in the Chard and Ilminster area, in which many we have retained to get their everyday beauty and fashion products.

Why have they brought Avon from me?

Why buy Avon from Abbie Quinn in Chard and Ilminster?


  • Avon is risk-free, with the best returns policy in the business.You don't even need a reason - 28-day money-back promise!
  • Value for Money - Avon products are generally cheaper than the big high street beauty brands and are certainly comparable in quality.
  • Talking of High Street brands, How many shops in Chard and Ilminster do you know that sell them?
  • I have spent my career customer-facing. I know how to serve my customers.
  • Free delivery straight to your door.
  • Payment options, Cash, Card, Bank Transfer, Paypal - All for your convenience
  • Avon do so much more than Make-Up,  From Fashion to Watches! 
  • This present book is the famous sales brochure, I promise you, You are getting a real steal! 
  • A regular newsletter sent via email with beauty tips
  • And most importantly, I have been doing Avon for 3 years now - I am reliable.local to the  Chard and Ilminster area, Work in Tesco and you can read more about me here.

Did you know? Avon is one of the world's leading direct selling companies of beauty and beauty-related products.Interested in seeing an Avon brochure?

So why not browse the instant brochure, or  contact usfor a catalogue.  Remember 28-day money-back promise! 

If you are out of the Chard and Ilminster area - You are in luck, You can shop our Avon Online Store - Free delivery over £20

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