Instant Brochure.

Welcome to the Instant brochure - The modern and convenient way to get excited about our products and easily order them for FREE home delivery by your local Avon reps in Chard and Ilminster..

Before you click on the link please decide which way you will send the order through to us.  The instant brochure will give you options but you do need our contact details to send. 

Whatsapp  is the easiest method as by CLICKING HERE this will take you straight to whataapp with my number.  Simply click add Brian to contacts. 

Email  click: Send Mail which will send us a test email which then allows you to save us to contacts.  Or send to 

Screen shot your cart and send it to our facebook page (message us in the bottom right hand corner)

Campaign 14 The most up to date Brochure  

C14 Avon brochure Chard and Ilminster

Click here to view it 

Campaign 13 - There are 2 to browse through - Happy Shopping.  You can still order from these until 18th September

Avon Campaign 15 instant brochure

Campaign 13 Main book - Click HERE

The nail bar -Mix and match you mani must-haves. Any 4 for £10 across this brochure. Click HERE

Or if you prefer the traditional way and would like a Catalogue please contact us and we will drop one around shortly.

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