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You Said We Did.

Avon Cosmetics Chard and Ilminster Home PageWelcome to our Chard & Ilminster Avon Page.

Avon Cosmetics needs little introduction,  A 130-year-old beauty company which is famously remembered by it's "Ding Dong Avon calling" slogan.   The products ranging from make-up to fashion, to lipstick to jewellery need little promoting on our part, as they sell themselves.  As our regular customers know Avon products are mostly cheaper but contain the quality found in luxury brands.

This page has been built on what my customers in our local area have told me over the last 18 months.  I hope it appeals to not just existing customers but new ones too. 

If you are outside our area - Please CLICK HEREto get to our Online Avon Store, FREE delivery over £20 

Everything on this page and more is under the Chard and Ilminster in the main menu.

The Avon Catalogue is Queen.

Get your Avon Catalogue in Chard and Ilminster.


You have told me that you love the traditional role of the Avon lady and you not only get excited when the catalogue drops through your door. You also look forward to it every campaign. You love flicking through sniffing the smelly perfume pages and sitting with a nice cuppa as you browse through the catalogue stuffed with all your favourite beauty and fashion products.
That is why this will always remain the core of our business. If you want an Avon Catalogue please contact us - Click hereand I will be delighted to drop one-off.

The instant brochure 

The Avon Instant brochure - Chard and Ilminster


  • You have told me that you love the catalogue, but you also love shopping online.
  • You have also told me that sometimes when the catalogue comes through the door, it just comes at an inconvenient time.
  • Or you have ordered a product, used it, loved it and wish you had ordered another one.
  • You also have told me that a product you loved is now more expensive in the latest catalogue and you wanted to order it again.
  • You forgot to put the catalogue out (or I forgot to pick it up) and you still want to place an order - (also see submit your order further down the page)

Available in an instant, FREE and easily accessible via our website  The Instant brochure.

The modern and convenient way to get excited about our products.

It's simple and easy yo use, Will definitely be ordering this way again - Jane, Chard 

Check it out by CLICKING HERE to go to our instant brochure page.  If you are browsing from a desktop/laptop then CLICK HERE.

Every campaign start we will put up the latest brochure, and leave the previous one so you can order over 2 campaigns.  Never miss a bargain again.

Exclusive Bargains

Exclusive Avon Bargains in Chard and Ilminster

You told me that you want to see exclusive bargains to reflect your loyalty, and to get better bargains than you already do.  As well as putting all our overstock on here at a great price we have also put on exclusive campaign bargains.  You will not find in the catalogue, or cheaper on our online store. We plan to expand this collection over the next few months and put popular catalogue items in at a discounted price only on this website.  -CLICK HERE to view.  Our overstock can be found under the Chard and Ilminster menu.

Submit your order 

Submit your Avon order in Chard and Ilminster


You told me that sometimes you don't have time to look at the catalogue before it's time to leave it back out again. But you still want to place an order. I have developed a simple form "Submit your order". Fill out your order form as usual and CLICK HERE.
You even have the option to pay in advance if you wish. Or you can use the instant brochure if it is easier - #givingyouoptions 

And finally - Our online Avon Store

Our Avon online store - UK wide

 Buying Avon online is a great way of shopping for all your beauty needs

  • Our store is open 24 * 7
  • A bigger selection than the catalogue
  • Faster delivery with Express delivery option
  • FREE delivery over £20
  • Delivery options - Pick up from local shop or delivered to your work 
  • Online exclusive offers
  • Better stock management than the catalogue
  • Avon's 28 day money back guarantee which is one of the best in the world
  • Secure checkout    
  • Please CLICK HERE to get to our Online Avon Store, FREE delivery over £20 


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