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Celebrate every woman! 

We’re all about celebrating women for who they are; embracing what makes them unique and challenging beauty standards. And that’s why we’re so excited about the launch of Avon's newest fragrance, Herstory. An inspiring blend of pink pepper, iris & patchouli, 

Aptly designed to promote courage, passion and personality!  


Changing Faces is the UK's leading charity for everyone who has a mark, scar or condition that makes them look different.

Avon Her Story - new fragrance

 Beauty is unique!

Top Tip Apply to pulse points it's where the body generates most heat and it will make the scent radiate 

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Helping hands


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Avon True Euphoric Mascara


giving the ‘best of both’ – double the volume and full, lightweight flutter

Euphoric will offer Avon’s customers high quality, fun, excitement and the exact lash look they are craving right now. 

Top Tip: Start at the base and  wiggle the brush to the end of  your tips – make sure to coat all  of the lashes, even the little ones  in the corners

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Avon's iconic product - with compelling benefits to you

The Iconic Avon Skin so Soft  

Who does not want softer skin?

The bottle stuffed with the powerful organic essential pleasant-smelling oil Jojoba. Rich in skin vitamins and inflammatory properties which makes the skin smooth, supple and soft!

Avoid being bitten! 

Having a fresh herbal scent and the key ingredient citronella,

600 five star reviews on our online store  claims it keeps the bugs away! 

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A few hand care tips 

  • Use warm water when washing - Hot water drys them out
  • It is better to use soap with a creamy consistency.
  • Try to blot dry rather than a wipe, and where possible use paper towels.
  • Apply hand cream straight after
  • To combat really dry skin, try treating your hands to overnight intense hydration.

    It’s easy enough to do; before bed, simply coat your hands in a thick layer of your favourite hand cream and wear a pair of gloves while you sleep. In the morning, massage the remaining hand cream and enjoy your new and improved, super-soft hands throughout the day.

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