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Abbie's Story

Avon Beauty and Bath Night Heaven


Hi, my name is Abbie Quinn, a busy working mum in Chard, Somerset.

Circumstances in 2017 when illness forced a cut in my hours at Tesco, With that, came not only a loss of income. It provoked a strong desire to fight back against my illness.

One way of doing this is by helping people with Beauty and Relaxation products that not only boosts self-esteem and confidence. They help ease the biggest danger to our health.


After careful research, I became an Independent Axon Rep.
Avon Cosmetics needs little introduction,  A 130-year-old beauty company which is famously remembered by it's "Ding Dong Avon calling" slogan. The products ranging from make-up to fashion, to lipstick to jewellery need little promoting on our part, as they sell themselves. As our regular customers know Avon products are mostly cheaper but contain the quality found in luxury brands

I am one of the top independent Avon representatives not only in the Chard and Ilminster area but in the UK. I am a member of the exclusive Avon Presidents Club. I have achieved this by being reliable, and most importantly by listening to my customers.

Over many months and years, I have carefully introduced new Non-Avon products to my existing customers which I have sourced all over the world. The products which have received the best feedback are on this website now.


Why don't you join our local Chard and Ilminster customers and hundreds more over the UK, Relax, Unwind and Indulge? - with products that work or money-back guarantee?

Abbie x

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