"As a Benefit "They're Real" Mascara and I loved it" user, Switching to another brand was never going to be easy! But at 20 quid a pop on Mascara I was open to suggestions. My friend and local Avon Lady Abbie recommended Avon Mascara to me. , I thought I would buy knowing I could return it even if used after 28 days . Avon Mascara pushed all the right buttons or fluttered all the right lashes! A Proper brush, no splodges, One coat lash stand out, and a second light coat gave length and thickness without clumps. Best of all Avon Mascara is under £10"
Lisa B - Chard Avon Customer.  and ex Benefit customer! 
We could not have put that better ourselves.  Avon know Mascara for the last 50 years, Used by millions of women and scores of our customers.  It's your turn to join them.
To win a Years supply of MASCARA of your choice (X 4) PLUS 2 EYE LINERS PLUS DELIVERY -WORTH £50 PLUS.  Please Click here. 
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