The world of perfume - Quinn Beauty

The world of perfume

December 06, 2019

The world of perfume - Quinn Beauty


An introduction to the world of perfume.

Perfume has been around for 1000;s of years, With Queen Cleopatra, using it to show her power, Marie Antionette using perfume to cover up unwelcome smells in her royal palace, Napolean went through a bottle a day and even drank a few drops before a battle


Today people have unique personal reasons to wear perfume.

To feel fresh, seductive, elegant, confident, relaxed, uplifted. expressing one's personality. The scent sparks a cheerful memory or just wear it for pleasure.


Types of perfume family

 *Olfactive means of or relating to sense of smell

 The language of Perfume

Noses,Notes, Accords, EDT, EDP - Confused?, Don't worry, Read on?

A Nose

Is a perfumer with an amazing an very rate ability to identify thousands of smells

The world of perfume

There are more trained astronauts in the world than noses.  And Avon only works with the best of the best of the noses in the world,

Notes and Accords

A Note is a single ingredient, where as an accord is a combination of ingredients

Accords are used to recreate smells that hard to capture, Like a Sea Side feeling

So a perfumers job is to combine several notes to create a "sea side accord"

Notes and Chords - Avon Perfume


If you think of perfume as a triangle with Top notes, Heart notes, and at the bottom base notes

Top notes are where you get your initial impression of the perfume and typically last only a few minutes,  Examples of these are citrus, watery, fruity and aromatic

Heart notes are the character and can last up to 4 hours, and the notes or accords used can be flowers or spicy.

Base notes give you the memorable impression and last the longest Examples of notes and accords are woods, musk, amber and vanilla

Three Top Tips for you when trying new perfume

 Testing perfume on the wrist


Tip one - Spray on the wrist and leave it to warm for at least 15 minutes before you decide if you like it or not

Tip two - Then after 30 minutes spray some on the other wrist and smell, Notice the difference between top and heart notes

Tip three - Remember any perfume you order and don't like can be returned free. No questions asked for 28 days after - So try absolutely risk free

Eau de Toilette or Eau de Parfum?

 World of Perfume

 It all boils down to the quantity of the perfume oil in the alcohol. 

Eau de toilette as you can see has a lesser concentration and hence is a lighter perfume making it ideal for the summer.

Eau de Parfum is more concentrated and rich, making it perfect for scent-lovers or for the winter season.

The Art of wearing Perfume.

The Art of wearing Perfume

 No elegance  is possible without wearing perfume t's the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory,t's the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory,- Coco Chanel.

A lot of people wear three perfumes, one for daytime, one for work and one for an evening out., after all you have a wardrobe full of clothes, so there is a perfume too for any occasion!

Some pro tips on the art of wearing perfume

Apply to pulse points it's where the body generates most heat and it will male the scent radiate 

Apply perfume to pulse points

Contrary to popular belief don;t run your wrists together as this can alter the scent

Perfume is very much a personal experience, so to create something unique to you why not mix two perfumes together?

Store perfume away from light and humidity, this helps to preserve the scent longer.

What's Avon Secret in Perfume Success?

Avon is one of the biggest perfume companies in the world, selling 450 bottles per minute. It is also the oldest beauty firm in the world with a 130 year old history

Did you know the first Avon lady was man?  David H McConnel in 1886 in New York taught himself to male perfume  He was a travelling book sales person who gave the perfume away with his books. he made an important discovery  The perfume was more popular with the house-wives than the books.   The New California Perfume company was formed which we now know as Avon.

Starting with just five odours to the introduction in 1906 of Avon Musk which became the best selling scent of he 80's from any brand  Avon know how to produce perfume.

Avon sell around the globe 450 bottles a minute! 




Avon's perfume Success

Working only with master perfumers who spend as much time and creative effort as they do with the more luxury brands, 

Avon only partner with the finest fragrance houses in the world. The experts in the industry.

Avon are proven at innovation and only use the finest ingredients in their perfumes, meaning the perfume has long last freshness and is made to perform

Avon Far-Away the biggest selling perfume of them all uses special ingredient of Madagascan Vanilla - Exclusively to Avon

The precious flower Neroli is the signature ingredient in Today, Tomorrow and Always.  It tales 1000 kg of Neroli petals to make just 1kg of essential oil

All perfumes are rigorously tested by industry experts and Avon's best selling brands are proven to last all day.

Avon blind tested perfume often out forms the competition


Avon perfume is often put up again't premium competition in blind tests and frequently out performs them.

Avon perfume is award winning, with Duet the winner of four prestigious awards, including the Fragrance Foundation award - The Oscars of the perfume world.

What perfume group are you?

There are four kinds of perfume customer? Which one are you?

Are you a collector? The one who loves to collect as many perfumes as you can and all their complimentary products?  You will love Avon's extensive range

Perhaps you are a Loyal who sticks to the one brand of perfume, Remember perfume is like your clothes in your wardrobe, There is a perfume for any all all occasions

Maybe you are generous who loves giving gifts, You will love Avon perfume gift selections

Or you are the Luxury lover who only buys expensive perfumes,  Avon only works with world renowned designers who also develop for the premium brands

And don't forger you can buy ANY Avon Perfume and try it RISK free, and Free returns in 28 days  WIN WIN!

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