Sexy and Bedroom ready. - Quinn Beauty

Sexy and Bedroom ready.

May 05, 2020

Sexy and Bedroom ready. - Quinn Beauty

We are noticing a rise in babydoll sales. After reading this you may discover why - and order yours at 30% off!

The Baby doll is a nightie that shows glimmers of skin, covers up those lumps and bumps, providing easy access to your partner that guarantees to be driven crazy with temptation!

This super short loose-fitting nightgown has come a long way from 1942. Thanks in part to When Carroll Baker wore the revealing garment in the 1956 infamous movie "Baby Doll."

Baby Doll - Sexy and Bedroom ready

The media attention on it trying to ban it caused a backfire. Copies and variations of the garment started flooding the shops. Not surprisingly women brought them in droves. The name babydoll was born.

Pastel colours and simple chiffon and lace have given way to more seductive bolder eye-catching designs, with less and less material!

The raised waistline (almost under the breasts); sometimes known as empire line which gives the body a lovely flow and enhances all shapes and sizes of breasts and showing off fully your legs.

With the combination of colour and material (or lack of) coupled with feelings of wearing a sensual and figure-enhancing quality garment. Trust me you will feel sexy!

No-One does Baby Dolls like the Shirley of Hollywood

This world-renowned and trusted Lingerie brand loves Baby Dolls
This is reflected lovingly in their designs and their unique styles.

With the boldest colours and designs. Perfect for a red carpet entrance to the bedroom. Be the woman you want to be - A superstar!

And we could not leave you without our favourite baby doll -

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