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Our Avon Journey during Covid19

April 24, 2020

An Avon Lady in Lock Down

Ding Dong Avon calling is now Click Click Avon Delivering.

Doesn't have the same ring to it but in lockdown Britain, the traditional role of the Avon lady has somewhat changed.

We have always viewed our online store sales as a bonus, and the vast majority of our business came from the good old fashioned catalogue. A drive late last year was done to convert our customers to order via the instant brochure. Whereas this gained popularity it also reached an early plateau.

We also started pushing our store more and found the branded handbags sold reasonably well with a sale a week on average.

In the meantime, we were building our core audience by catalogue dropping.

As members of Avon's elite President's Club, we very much on target to stay in it for another year.

Literally up to a few days before lockdown we were delivering Avon orders in Chard and Ilminster, with the usual questions of when is the next book becoming? We still have three orders undelivered and two orders we left, despite promises of the money being bank transferred it wasn't, Meaning the last campaign we made a loss!

As for when the next book coming? On the weekend of the 15th March, We had just completed book five.

Emails, texts, notes and Facebook messenger goes out to our customer base explaining due to circumstances we have to switch to exclusively online for the time being. The C6 online brochure included.

The silence was deafening!

A dramatic increase in Facebook advertising though not paid at this point, A reach of over 40 thousand people in two weeks.

The silence was deafening!

More texts and a messenger sent out to the people we missed the first time around.

The silence was deafening!

Sixth of April a breakthrough, a customer responded to our Facebook marketplace advert. Placing a large order of mainly bathroom essentials for direct courier delivery, Small world a UK advert and it was a neighbour!

We also saw two other online orders that day, totalling a new record for us for the most amount of online sales in one day.

One swallow didn't make a summer. The next week saw My mother ordered some hair dye, Brian's boss ordered some hand soaps and our next-door neighbour ordered some Mascara.
From our emails, 2 customers out of 80 recipients placed an online order.

Back to our usual story, the silence was deafening!

I have spent hours researching and writing and sending blog posts, posting on Facebook, Updating this website and all for absolutely nothing.

24th of April - Campain 8 starts today.

I have received an email this morning already with an 8 pounds order.
I have also spent over an hour writing this blog post which nobody will read!
The competition launched yesterday and the paid advert has had quite a bit of interest but nobody as yet has entered. Typical!

Avon has launched a new instant brochure which allows a direct checkout. It looks quite impressive! Well, I think so anyway, Sent it out to my customers via the usual channels.
Got my second email this week asking to be unsubscribed.

Saturday still no entries into my competition, and my second facebook advert for a fitness watch, has had two link clicks.

I put out my catalogues on the wall with a big box of samples, just for someone to nick it!!

To end the day on a positive I did get an online sale! So we off to a start to hit higher order value on Avon sales!

Starting to run out of ideas - I have not run out! Certainly feel very low and depressed. Switching from a catalogue business to online is presenting challenges.

29th April

Not a sniff anywhere, No Link clicks, no sales, no nothing! - Can't get anybody to click on a give away package, Spent the whole day on that yesterday and pulling an all nighter.  Plan Z is next!  


One swallow does not make a summer, but spent a lot of work, revamping my website, adding a text service, new email platform and lots of new products, and a few compo ideas.   Got our first online sale from that directly. And 5 subscribers to our Avon Online Brochure, Plus one New Email Subscriber. Plus a blog post to go! - Lets see my hard work pay off now. 


Nine days later from my last update, and up to 17 subscribers now by text and 6 new email subscribers. Progress made, all my catalogue customers have or will have letters tomorrow advertising our online store. Yet zero online sales as yet. This weekend with the new campaign approaching is what I have been building towards, Let us see how it goes.
A last-minute flurry got us 70 pounds of catalogue sales, but we miss out on the higher level of commission by £22.


Welcome to Avon C9 - to follow. 



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