Our Avon Campaign cycle

August 23, 2019

Our Avon Campaign cycle

Our Avon campaign in Chard and Ilminster has a duration of 3 weeks, that is 17 catalogues a year stuffed fill of the latest beauty products, essential everyday items and on-trend fashion.

We start on a Wednesday night by preparing up around 150 catalogues, into bags with order slips and our newsletter
Time 2 hours

Avon catalogues in Chard and Ilminster

Thursday and Friday, Brian drops off to our regular Avon customers in Chard and Ilminster, and about fifty catalogues to potential new customers.
Time 3 hours

The following Tuesday, Brian picks up all the catalogues in one hit.
Time 3 hours

Wednesday night Abbie puts on all the orders on to the system
Time one hour

Entering Avon orders for Chard and llminster

Thursday afternoon the stragglers go on and we submit our order to Avon
Time 30 minutes

The following Tuesday our delivery arrives and over the next couple of days, they are bagged up ready for delivery.
Time 3 hours

Avon delivery in Chard and Ilminster

Friday to the Sunday - Brian delivers the orders to Chard and Ilminster.
Time 5 hours

Avon delivery in Chard and Ilminster

Total time 17.5 hours.

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