Home Made Remedy for Hand Care

May 20, 2020

Home Made Remedy for Hand Care

Hand Care Home remedy

Ready inunder  five minutes.  Cost 40p

The back and sides of Brian’s hands were a bit hard and rough. We thought we would try this remedy we came across why researching our hand care blog.  


  • Tomato
  • Lemon
  • Milk


  1. Use two salad tomatoes          which we chopped in half, and scooped the insides into a bowl.
  2. Used a potato masher to mash it to start the process of making a paste.
  3. Add a drop of milk and six drops of lemon juice, then give the mix a good stir.
  4. Applied to rough parts of Brian’s skin,  left for ten minutes.  Before rinsing with warm water.

 Brian did experience a mild stinging sensation.


In under ten minutes , What a difference to the skin,Rough to Smooth, Hard to soft.

An Easy thing to make,  Perhaps a beef tomato and a blender would have helped, but our little mix did much more than we thought.


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