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Hand Care + Competition

May 19, 2020

woman applying cream to back of her hands

Taking care of your hands is the most important thing we can do to avoid spreading infections, and as such I have devoted a lot of time on this blog post to help you up the ante with your hand care routine.  

washing hands instructions

  • Use lukewarm water rather than hot, as hot will dry out your hands.
  • Drying your hands is crucial as wet hands can transfer germs.
  • Blot dry rather than a wipe, and where possible use paper towels.
  • Everyone should have a separate towel, replaced every 3 days.

Avon harmony for nourished hands

Nourishing hands are Happy Hands

Our creamy Lily of the Valley & Apple Hand Wash will cleanse and care for your hands, with a delightfully fruity and floral scent. Enriched with extracts of vitamin E, this liquid soap will leave your hands feeling soft and nourished.

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Wash gently to not aggravate the skin.

The good news is all our Avon Care Moisturising Hand Gel is back in stock!  It does the job and is gentle on your hands - Win Win.

Avon hand gel

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Moisturise your hands after washing. 

The ultimate accessory for dry skin and softer hands. Infused with the scent of fresh coconuts, to give your hands much needed hydration. For every hand cream brought, Avon, will donate one to the NHS

Avon Coconut Cream collection for soft hands

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Top Tip - Try Tomatoes
Your very own home recipe for hand care 




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