Break the Silence of Domestic Violence. - Quinn Beauty

Break the Silence of Domestic Violence.

June 04, 2019

Break the Silence of Domestic Violence. - Quinn Beauty

Domestic Violence & Women - The reality is this is happening every day

Domestic Violence - Quinn Lingerie fighting back

This is a touching blog post, it may upset some readers or remind some ladies of past abuse but we cannot hide from the fact it is happening, every day a lady somewhere falls victim from this horrible and indescribable crime. Domestic violence is always considered a slightly taboo subject, one we either ignore or shy away from discussing and why? We have to ask ourselves why because reality is this indecent crime is happening everywhere and we must stand up and fight against the cruel people who think it is OK. 

We live in a world where awful crimes take place every day, we see them plastered across Newspapers, headlines on news channels yet Domestic Violence is still one that is not highlighted enough when sadly some women are victims every day of their life, with many brains washed to feel it's their fault or what they deserve. It's not their fault, the only blame lays in the hands of the abuser and those people should be punished for their crime like anyone else. 

Abuse of this nature comes in many forms, the obvious being physically assault, where bruises and cuts can show result of domestic violence but it also comes in the form of a more silent abuse, mental abuse where only the victim inside their head knows what is happening, mental abuse is just as damaging as physical and in some cases more damaging as some wounds can heal but the scars left inside one's head take a long time to go away and with some women this never leaves them. Whatever domestic abuse that is taking place behind closed doors is cruel, life-altering and truly sad, no one should endure this and no one deserves this, this is why we will feel strongly about speaking out.

Based on research done by charities it is claimed on average 2 women are killed every week by domestic violence, by the hands of their partner and the Police receive around 100 calls per hour reporting such crimes, these statistics are mind-blowing, it's unimaginable what some women are faced with every day of their lives. Not only are these poor women the victim but also their children who have to witness such cruelty, who knows what imprint that leaves on one's innocent little life. 

There are some great sources of help out there, one being the amazing Charity Women's aid, they help Women and Children leave their violent lives and make it so they cannot be found, they even give tips on covering your tracks online if you live in fear you abuser/partner will look at what you have been doing. So if you are sitting there reading this and feel this is your fault think again, you are not to blame, you have just chosen the wrong partner and you must leave, if you feel you cannot get out then please we beg you to think again because you can, there is a better life out there waiting for you, one free from abuse and sadness. Take a deep breath, hold your head up high and get out. Your abuser may apologise, they may seem genuine but do not leave those rose-tinted glasses on, if they loved you they would not have done it in the first place, if they loved you they would have never caused you pain. Stand up for yourself and every other woman out there suffering the same as you. For everyone else who is lucky enough not to have this in their life, we must stand together and speak out, support these women and make a change. 

For more information of help with domestic violence please visit 
Advice on covering your tracks hit this link

Or if you feel you cannot do this via online please get to a phone and call 0808 2000 247 - this is a freephone number, with 24 Hour support, the people on the other end are trained to help you and want to, please make a stand and get out of an abusive life 

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