Benefits of Playing Chess

April 25, 2020

Benefits of playing Chess

As the 1982 Swanmead Chess champion, I still have the little trophy in my display cabinet. A game I played quite regularly through childhood, and into adulthood - Then Facebook came along!!

Yet as lockdown starts to bite, Facebook has lost its appeal. I return to my childhood love As well as much needed distraction, which itself brings solace,

I am as I write a few days back into my Chess career, and despite lockdown, it makes things a lot more tolerable, A lot of people from all around the world play the sport and easy to find an online opponent.

Transforming our Avon business from the catalogue to online is taking its toll. I had all but given up on it. By playing chess almost continually over the last few days and some games are not exactly short! I have had to remain very focused on the game, One ill-thought-out move! As the game progresses and the closer it gets to the wire, The pressure is on to make the right move. 100% concentration on the task in hand, A herd of elephants could come charging through I am not noticing. When I return to building back up my Avon business, distraction won't be the reason for failure.

The game I found easy to pick back up but extremely difficult to master again from a 12-year absence in a few days has taught me that creative thinking can be needed. The key to solving problems. What Chess is all about! Creative solutions are starting to come to me about building my business and how to implement them.

Playing online is also a new experience for me, Though no complaints in lock down! It does not compare with an old fashioned wooden chess set and an opponent sitting opposite to you.

With this in mind and my business head back on, We have managed to source all hand made and fairly traded from India some collectors chess sets. Click here


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