Avon’s Skin So Soft Original Dry Oil - An iconic product. - Quinn Beauty

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Avon’s Skin So Soft Original Dry Oil - An iconic product.

April 30, 2020

Avon’s Skin So Soft Original Dry Oil - An iconic product. - Quinn Beauty

Do you love having a hot shower or bath?

Of course, you do, Stressful times needs relaxation and a nice soothing soak in the tub. Yet as always pleasure comes at a cost, and that is the havoc hot water wreaks on your skin? Drying it out and stripping it of the moisture it needs.

Do you want Skin So Soft to touch?

Of course, you do! Who doesn't want smooth skin? 

Do you want a dry oil spray which has sold an excess of 40 million bottles? 

Do you want an oil that turns dry or rough skin super silky in next to no time? 

Use Avon’s Iconic Best Seller “Skin So Soft Original Dry Oil” 

Or as we like to call it "Summer in a bottle" 

The bottle stuffed with the powerful organic essential pleasant-smelling oil Jojoba. Rich in skin vitamins and inflammatory properties which makes the skin smooth, supple and soft.   

This infused bath oil has a fresh herbal scent, which will awaken and relax your senses. You can either apply why in the bath or shower or directly after you get out. 

The plant has a unique mechanism to protect its self against the sun, meaning it can do the same for your skin! Giving you an extra layer of protection against UV rays, or used as after sun. 

In the time it's taken you to get this far, this world-famous oil has sold six bottles and continues to do so every minute. 

Do you want to avoid being bitten by insects this summer?  

You are very much in the right place, Avon's Skin So Soft's real secret to success it contains citronella, So as well as the skin benefits, it doubles up as a natural insect repellent.   

Used from the Royal Marines to frequent travellers, to people all over the UK who swear by it. As you have got this far another six bottles sold!  

Avon does not officially endorse it as a bug repellent. But the 600 five star reviews on our online store says it does! Plus our local Chard and Ilminster customers buy a lot of this.

Why don't you get yours today?    

You can either enter our competition to win 3 bottles as part of our Summer bundle. Or direct from our Avon store, Where a bottle is £3.50 

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