12-in-1 Male Grooming Set product review - Quinn Beauty

12-in-1 Male Grooming Set product review

May 06, 2020

12-in-1 Male Grooming Set product review - Quinn Beauty

My hair had grown out long and shaggy—not in that sexy-young-rock-star kind of way but in that time-to-take-Rover-to-the-groomer kind of way.

There isn't an abundance of barbers right now, and as we trust Avon and their products, I decided to take the plunge or should I say snip? 

12-in-1 Hair Trimmer & Groomer by Avon

Arriving in super-fast time with free delivery, this 12-in-1 Grooming Set has you covered (or in my case not) for all of your face, hair and body grooming needs.  

For the first time of Abbie my wife doing this, It wasn't a bad job, Ok a bit shorter than I would have liked, But it is the summer, and everyone who has seen it so far seems to have liked it. And there are 4 different grades that come with it.

The photo certainly has been clicked on - over 200 times 

 Avon mens-12-in-1-grooming-set

It will take 3 cuts from what i pay at the barbers to make profit out of this, And practice makes perfect right!   

Why don't your order yours today at £22 - reduced from £30. You can't go wrong! as evidenced! Don't forget it has 12 uses!   Going to try a shave with it next! Wish me luck lol.   Abbie, Brian, Thomas and Paris the dog wish you a lovely day.


Or to save you a click - Why not buy it straight from us?, and we will process the order for you.  We will even give you a £2 discount.  We just please ask that you subscribe to our text service/ email at check out. Or underneath the product 



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