The men's underwear, women want you to wear!

The men's underwear, women want you to wear!

Let's talk sexy underwear for men.

I love trying on new underwear. I look and feel sexy wearing it - Trust me here, a powerful feeling! So why shouldn't a man enjoy the same feeling? It is not deemed acceptable, But my range of men's undies will change all that!

The first thing a man puts on every morning is a clean pair of underwear. Why not make them as stylish as the clothing you put on over them? How do you define your undies as stylish? Why not ask the only person who sees them, the woman you are taking them for at night?

I have been keeping a close eye on my collection of men's underwear, and through a variety of means, including my sales data and not least talking to my many customers and friends, I have come up with

The underwear that women want men to wear.

I asked out of briefs, boxer briefs and thongs. What did women find most attractive?

The winner is.....

Boxer Briefs.

men's boxer briefs

The boxer briefs Quinn Beauty has to offer to have the length of traditional men's boxers, but you have to admit they look a lot better, A dam sight sleeker plus a tad more refined!
They are also tighter than boxers, showing off a man's - I will leave that to your imagination which makes these a women's firm favourite.

One of my female customers said. "These are as are hot as hell. It is lingerie for men"!

men's red boxer briefs
I have come up with a deal for you, buy both black and red pairs of men's boxer briefs or two of the same colour for just £33.98 - which saves £5 and gets you FREE delivery.

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Coming up in a close second place is

Men's thongs

Man wearing black thong

This subject proved to be a fascinating one with my research group! I was amazed to learn that some ladies actually ask their men to wear a thong!

Thongs to many are sexy full stop! Worn on a man offering minimal coverage, highlighting his bodies natural curves is a winner with the ladies. A confidence booster for a man, and the lack of material leaves little to the imagination.

man wearing blue thong

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Abbie x

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