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Avon perfumes sell 450 a minute - Find out why?

December 31, 2020

The art of perfume

Did you know Avon sell more fragrances than any other fragrance house in the UK?
Wow, what an opening statement to make at the start of this post.

Avon perfumes designed by the worlds most renowned perfumers who also create for the high-end brands. Quality without the price tag.

These people are known as "noses" as they have the amazing and rare ability to identify thousands of smells.

Did you know there are more trained astronauts than noses in the world

You might choose your fragrance because of the memories or emotions it conveys, or simply because you want to change things up.
To find the perfect perfume, we will help you discover what scent you like, how you wear it, and what occasion?

The language of perfume

When it comes to scent, we find at times people don't know how to describe what they like. This little chart below known as olfactive families should help.

Avon the art of perfume
To assist you with our aim of finding your perfect perfume, you must understand how Avon fragrances are made.
I am sure you have heard the word notes - But what are they?

This next section will give you an understanding of fragrance notes.
Just like a piece of music, perfume is composed of different notes. Three to be exact.
All three work together to create the Avon fragrance you (will or) love.

A note is a single ingredient, whereas an accord is a combination of ingredients

Notes - how Avon perfumes are made

Top Notes

When applying your Avon perfume, these notes give your initial impressions of the scent. The lightest of all the three quick to fade. These scents are the lure of which you will fall in love.

Heart Notes

These notes will delight you as the top notes start to fade. They give the character to your Avon perfume or if you like the heart. These notes make up the bulk of your Avon perfume with the scent lasting four hours being pleasant and well rounded.

Base Notes

They last the longest! After the heart of the perfume has evaporated base notes will rise to make up the final fragrance and your lasting impression of your Avon perfume of choice.

The art of wearing perfume

Once you’ve picked your new Avon scent, you can use a few easy tricks to provide longer-lasting fragrance throughout the day,

Using a subtle bit of upselling, Avon perfumes often come in sets.
Using the body lotion across the pulse points is a technique known as scent-layering.
The fragrance notes will adhere directly to the lotion, helping the scent last longer on the skin.
Starting your morning shower with the lotion will also leave your body soft and supple all day.

Apply to the pulse points

pulse points - The Art of Perfume

Spritz your favourite scent onto the pulse points of your body.
These are the areas giving off the most heat. This will help the scent to radiate, enjoying the fragrance all day long.

The pulse points are

  • The nape of your neck
  • On your wrists
  • Behind the ears
  • Inside you elbows
  • Behind your knees

Just one spray to your hair will absorb the fragrance without drying out your hair.

Contrary to popular belief, do not rub your wrists together as this can alter the scent.

Again the upselling a purse spray will give you a quick top-up when you are on the go

If you want something truly unique to you, Why not mix two perfumes together?

Avon has a long history of selling perfume.

Did you know the first Avon lady was a man?

David H McConnell in 1886 was a travelling book salesman who taught himself to make perfume to give away as free samples. He made an important discovery. The samples were more popular than his books.

Avon was born, and 130 years later it is one of the biggest perfume houses in the world selling 450 bottles a minute.

  • Avon partner with the master perfumers who also create for the luxury brands
  • Sourcing the finest ingredients to ensure freshness and long-lasting performance
  • Continual testing to ensure the scents last all-day
  • Blind testing against luxury brands, often outperforming them.

Why not view Avon's multiple award winning perfume range by clicking here.

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