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Shop Avon Online - What's new beauty in April

March 27, 2021

Shop Avon Online - What's new beauty in April

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The Avon instant brochure is the modern way of browsing and shopping Avon online for beauty & fashion. The much loved Avon catalogue in digital form. Now improved to give you our valued customer a better shopping experience.

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Avon in April have three hero products which I will cover briefly in this post

Avon Artistique

Avon Anew Revival Serum Lipstick and Serum Treatment 

Avon Advance Techniques Restage 


Perfumery beyond scent, crafted in France for you. A FLORIENTALMASTERPIECE
Perfumery is an art of craftsmanship, perfected with years of experience by those who live and breathe fragrance.To bring to life our Artistique collection, we’ve travelled to the heart of perfumery to collaborate with renowned French perfumers. Masters of their craft, they personally create and sign fragrances using only the most precious ingredients, for a premium, long-lasting fragrance you will love.
transform your lips with Avon
Struggling with lipstick that dries out your lips? Nourish them with Revival Serum Lipstick, a lip colour powered by smoothing AHAs & hydrating glycerine for lips that look transformed in just 7 days


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