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Relax and pamper with an Avon bubble bath time pack.

June 17, 2021

woman having an Avon bubble bath,

Baths are a wonderful way to relax, let go of everyday stressors, and let ourselves feel pampered. Why not consider this bath night pack? 

Relax, soothe or revitalise your mood with our Bath Salts Trio. Help yourself drift off to sleep with the dreamy scent of sea salts, lavender & cornflower with Soak & Sleep. Stressed? Press Pause with the soothing scent of Himalayan salts, red fruits & avocado. Alternatively, give yourself a Fresh & Zesty boost with revitalising rock salt, white flowers & lime.

Two of our best selling 1 litre Avon bubble baths. Relax and unwind in a bath full of luxurious, blissful bubbles. 

  • Wild Strawberry dreams Avon bubble bath. Formulated with natural strawberry juice extract and notes of creamy vanilla, it leaves the skin with a light sweet fragrance.
  • Traditional Lemonade Avon bubble bath. This mild and gentle formula is dermatologically tested and will soothe your tired, aching muscles.

Did you know Avon bubble bath sells seven a minute, making Avon the largest seller of bubble bath in the world?

A trio of Summer garden Avon bath bombs

Set of 3, scented, skin-nourishing, fizzing bath bombs.

  • Contains 1x orange blossom, 1x honey and 1x lavender.
  • Each with added avocado and grape seed oils.
  • Helps soothe your body and muscles
  • Adds emollients and softeners to your bath that will indulge your skin
  • Contains skin-nourishing ingredients

Lavender candle

Why you are having your relaxing bath and enjoy the soothing floral scent of lavender to create a spa-like experience that will help you to unwind.

Soak in your Avon bubble bath and try this simple relaxing technique:

  • Close your eyes and place your hand gently on your stomach.- Focus on breathing in from your stomach and out through your mouth. If you have got it right you will feel your stomach expand, not your lungs.
  • Feel your body start to relax. Try and empty your mind and focus on your breathing.
  • As your breathing regulates, focus on relaxing each part of your body, a section at a time.
  • Starting with your feet, feeling them becoming heavier and heavier, gradually moving up your lower legs, upper legs, buttocks, back, arms, shoulders and finally your head.

This Avon bubble bath night package is just £20 with Free direct delivery straight from our Avon Store or if you want to make your bath night click here to view Avon bath night products.


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