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Avon Home Fragrance for the perfectly scented house.

February 05, 2021

Avon Home Fragrance for the perfectly scented house.

Now, more than ever before, we’re spending time at home. Our homes are safe havens that we can retreat and relax. And what better way to set the mood than a bit of Avon home fragrance?

The fragrance evokes happy thoughts, which equals happy people. It’s easy to mix and match to compliment your home décor

Avon home fragrance is an excellent way to introduce new customers to the Avon brand. With our existing Avon customers, the home fragrance collection is extremely popular both with catalogue and online.

And what’s more, Avon candles and Avon reed diffusers have increased in size and quality, so you can be confidently assured you will enjoy these stunning scents for even longer.

Different fragrances can set different moods, and there’s a scent for every room of the house. Avon home fragrance provides many options.

Ways to scent your home with Avon

Perfect for creating atmospheric mood lighting. Avon glass jar candles burn for up to 30 hours, and our tinned candles burn for up to 17 hours. Plus, the improved formulas create a more intense fragrance.

Avon Home Fragrance - Candle

Top Tip
Create an at-home spa by lighting a few candles in your bathroom. Remember, always trim the wick to a quarter of an inch, so there’s less smoky residue.

Perfect for adding constant fragrance to your home for up to 7 weeks. The reeds are 100% natural rattan which soaks up the oil and disperses the scent. Avon Reed diffusers are perfect for when burning candles isn’t an option.

Top tip After a few weeks, flip the reeds around, so the dry ends are immersed in the oil to give a fragrance boost.

Select a scent by imagining the aroma along with the feelings and memories it’ll evoke.

Think of the fragrance that envelops you when you enter a florist shop. Imagine wandering through a garden with an abundance of fresh spring blooms. A breadth of floral notes, from freshly picked tuberose, nuances of rose and touches of magnolia will whisk you away.

Imagine walking through a forest in the early evening and the woody, earthy aromas you’ll experience. A rich, opulent aroma that helps you feel grounded. The woody notes partners well with spicy ingredients deciding the depth and body of a fragrance.

In a fun, playful and energetic mood? Help promote a positive mindset with a fresh and fruity scent. These aromas vary in strength dependant on the fruit and are typically very sweet, juicy, rich and succulent.

Dreaming of sun-drenched, Mediterranean islands, and the warmth of the sun dancing on your skin? Vibrant citrus notes provide an effervescent quality to a home fragrance, providing a refreshing and awakening experience.

Avon Home fragrance makes gifts for any occasion, be it Christmas, birthdays or Mother’s Day.

Home fragrance helps create an emotional connection, evoking positive feelings and memories.
Different fragrances can set different moods, and there’s a scent for every room of the house.

We advise the perfect spot for a reed diffuser is in your entrance hall to create a welcoming environment in which to enter.

Empty candle jars can make beautiful storage containers for cotton pads, make-up brushes and jewellery.

To view Avon Home Fragrance new and improved range, Click here.

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