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Avon Eve Embrace Eau de Parfum + Free Gift

February 19, 2021

Avon Eve - Embrace Perfume

Avon's hero product in March and on the cover of the instant brochure and Avon catalogue is the new multi-layered floral fragrance to the Avon Eve collection of perfumes.

Avon Eve Embrace Eau de Parfum + Free Gift

The feminine and radiant Avon Eve Embrace, Which you will love if you want to celebrate who you are. Wearing this Avon perfume will make you confident in that you do.

Floral scents are our most popular with you our customer, and we are expecting this to lead the charge for Mother's Day.

The top note of violet petals is the first thing you’ll smell. We all remember the delicious scent of the retro violet sweets, it gives a soft start to the scent.

Avon Eve Embrace

The middle note of rose is the romantic heart of the fragrance. It adds femininity to the perfume with the delicate note we all know and love.

Finally, the deliciously sweet and musky caramel musk accord provides the long-lasting foundation of the perfume.

You can view the Avon Eve Embrace on our instant brochure - Click here

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