Ask Abbie: Your Ballerina holdups are a bit steep in price

Ask Abbie: Your Ballerina holdups are a bit steep in price

Q: Hi Abbie, Your Ballerina Hold-ups at £17.49 each! A bit steep isn't it?


There is no reason why I should feel the need to defend the prices of my hosiery products. And I gave thought here of not responding. Stop thinking about your question, and not take it personally.


But I will respond with 

Yes, you are correct in your statement.


Taking out the fact we sell 100s of pairs a month, many being repeat purchasers.

Our customers shell out the money buying what you call expensive hosiery, is they last much longer than the cheap supermarket brands. And in the long run, saves them money.

What makes Ballerina Hosiery stand out from the crowd is its unbeatable quality. 

Ballerina is a High-end premium brand that focuses on unique and striking patterns. 

The hold-ups are excellent in incorporating intricate detailing and the softest fabrics that feel luxurious against your skin. 

Ballerina Hosiery put a great deal of effort into the detail and the designs of their products. 

Your hold-ups last longer, but they will also fit your leg better and be more comfortable.

And if you take advantage of our special offer, You can get two pairs for £30 with FREE delivery by clicking here

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