Ask Abbie. At 53 my wife thinks she is too old to wear lingerie

Ask Abbie. At 53 my wife thinks she is too old to wear lingerie

Q: Abbie, my wife, 53-years-old thinks she is too old for sexy lingerie sticking to comfortable pyjamas only, and the three pairs of sexy underwear I brought remain unworn in her drawer.

Lingerie does not have an upper age limit, though I accept marketing does have mature women believing differently.
Even our top Lingerie brands gear their products to younger women, so I see her point.

I also see your point. I am going to assume you are around the same age and dealing with your levels of self-image issues, So let us find a compromise.

The good news is we have plenty of lingerie styles for 50+ women, which I will go into detail about as this post progresses.

You told me that she believes she is too old.
There is no lingerie on the market for her, which is a common opinion.
It is my view that this is an absolute myth, I suspect the underwear you brought her was simply the wrong product that does not suit her style.

I suspect she is unsure what lingerie styles will suit her best.
Age does bring changes to our bodies, as well as lifestyle changes.

It also means our choices of clothing also changes, I have already mentioned brand marketing, and the vast range of lingerie can get intimidating.

I can understand her reluctance to put on the underwear you brought her.
Some women love wearing sexy lacy knickers, seductive thongs and matching bras.
Some women prefer the comfort of PJs and fuller knickers.

That does not mean, of course, she has to wear plain, boring knickers.
There are plenty of sexy, lacy comfortable options out there for her.

Unfortunately, you have a stark gap between your idea of sexy and hers.

The clothes I wear are part of my identity, and I would be upset if my husband, who pertains to knowing me well, presented me with a gift of lingerie that is at odds with how I see myself.

However, I did say we would look for a compromise.
I also hope I have not stated the obvious, But have you asked your wife to wear lingerie? How difficult can it be?
Ok, you may be recoiling in the horror of what I have just said, but a direct approach can get you the results you want!
Pick your moment, perhaps take her out on a date night, be sensitive and do it lovingly.
Do it right, and you will show your wife you still find her attractive and desire her.
Give it a try - you never know she may surprise you with her answer.

I do not know your wife, but I work in the lingerie industry.
I would say with confidence, your wife would know what she needs, That are garments with more coverage, and she is looking for quality.

I have compiled a list of classic lingerie products with what I hope your wife in mind and for over 50's in general.
I would like you to show her this post.

I hope she will see it as an opportunity for some fun wearing and putting a bit of spark back in the bedroom.

It can be. I promise a great confidence and self-esteem boost.

If you are now ready to find our perfect match, I have rounded up a selection of panties, chemises, nightdresses and more that will be flattering, seductive, alluring and comfortable.

Six Lingerie Products for the over 50s to wear.

Roza Ginewra - Matching Bra and Short set

Match bra and shorts for an instant mood upgrade

There is nothing so pretty as a matching lingerie set, A belief that has grown with me with age. 

A quality Roza push-up bra of gorgeous lace and embroidery, coming matched with these shorts. 

Matching Bra and Short set


This lingerie outfit has an outstanding combination of colours that work incredibly well together.
Make this set the foundation of your outfit.
They will accentuate your shape, but you will also show your clothes off to their best.

Wearing this matching set will boost your body confidence.
You will feel super sexy and improve your mood all around.
Trust me when I say this is better than black briefs and a white bra.

You can buy the Bra and get 30% off the shorts by clicking here

Roza Sija Black Nightshirt and shorts.

Matching black nightshirt and shorts

This Nightshirt and Shorts set is perfect for the romantic and feminine lady who wants to be a little sexy.
Looking at the front the beautiful soft stretch fabric means it is a cute and comfortable garment to sleep in.
But this top is all about oodles of sumptuous eyelash lace, which turns this set into something flirty!

We sell a lot of lingerie from Roza, Quality, seductive lingerie at a reasonable price.
This set goes up to size 16, and you have a choice of shorts or briefs.

You can buy this top and get 30% off the short by clicking here

Irall Flora Nightdress Plum

Satin Night Dress

I think everyone should have a satin nightdress in their wardrobe. 

Satin chemises have become some of the most luxurious nightwear garments.

Upgrade your sleeping experience with this luxurious chemise from delicate Italian satin combined with beautiful black lace.

View this Satin Chemise by clicking here

Irall Nikita Short Set Jade

Irall Night dress

On the theme of satin, knowing your wife's love of PJS, and the upcoming summer nights.

Nikita is an elegant set made from high-quality satin. 

The top has thin, adjustable straps and is decorated with beautiful embroidery.

This collection contains a nightdress, short set and dressing gown. View it by clicking here

Vega Set Lemon/Black

Short set

Women in their 50s have a licence to try different colours. 

This soft Italian set has the unusual touch of lemon.

View this collection by clicking here

Irall Felicity Teddy


This teddy is incredibly sexy and a favourite for women over 50.

View this Teddy by clicking here 

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