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A brief history of the Baby Doll

Babydolls, in a nutshell, are an elegant style of luxury nightwear.

This loose-fitting nightgown has come a long way since its invention in 1942 as a way of saving material during wartime fabric shortages.

In 1956 a movie called babydoll. About a 19-year-old nymphet who wore a very flimsy, floaty sheer nightdress

A scandal erupted causing the film to be partially banned.

With all the media attention on it caused a backfire on the protesters to the movie, as several copies and variations started to flood the shops. Women loved it! They still do! 

The nightgown then became to be known as the babydoll. The original inventor Sylvia Pedlar hated the name and never used it.

The following decades saw several big Hollywood films with the leading actresses wearing increasingly daring glamorously designed babydolls in an attempt to outdo each other. 

Babydolls are loose-fitting, making them figure-enhancing, showing off your curves giving your breasts a boost,

Hiding those lumps and bumps, you would rather not show. 

No-One does Baby Dolls like the Shirley of Hollywood 

This world-renowned and trusted Lingerie brand loves Babydolls reflected lovingly in their designs and their unique styles.

With the boldest colours and designs. Perfect for a red carpet entrance to the bedroom. Be the woman you want to be - A superstar!

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