Woman wearing Ballerina Hold-ups from Black Harmony Collection

Why Ballerina Hosiery Black Harmony Collection Deserves a Spot in Your Lingerie Drawer

Why Ballerina Hosiery Black Harmony Collection Deserves a Spot in Your Lingerie Drawer ?

Ballerina hosiery is known for its grace, poise, and elegance. 

No surprise that one of our favourite hosiery collections is called ‘Ballerina Black Harmony. The brand captures the seductive and feminine aura of a ballerina. These Ballerina tights & hold-ups aren’t just for dancing to Swan Lake. They can take you from a night out with your girlfriends to an intimate dinner with your significant other. 

Introducing the New Ballerina Hosiery Black Harmony collection

We’re sharing a few of the things we love about Ballerina hosiery from this collection and why they deserve a spot in your lingerie drawer. The brand has something to offer every woman, from tights to hold-ups. Whatever your preference is, Black Harmony has something to tickle your fancy.

What makes Ballerina’s Black Harmony collection unique?

Ballerina’s Black Harmony lives by the motto once said by Elizabeth Gilbert.

“You do not need anyone’s permission to lead a creative life!”

This collection creates an immersive experience that dares you to live life as your most authentic self. It’s all about being unapologetically you, using the luxury of hosiery to unlock the most confident version of yourself.

What we love about Ballerina Black Harmony is the diversity of its range – the collection offers over 16 unique hosiery styles and another ten due to be launched that are universally flattering.

Ballerina Black Harmony mission is to empower women to feel beautiful.

Luxury Hosiery from the first touch 

What makes Ballerina’s Black Harmony stand out from the crowd is its unbeatable quality. 

High-end hosiery that focuses on unique and striking patterns. The tights and hold-ups are excellent in incorporating intricate detailing and the softest fabrics that feel luxurious against your skin. 

Their hosiery uses the innovative Lycra fibre blended with a soft microfibre that gives you comfort without compromising style. To create the highest-quality hosiery, Ballerina works with one of Italy’s oldest factories that have operated for over a century. 

Touch is everything in the world of hosiery – and nothing feels more luxurious against your skin than Ballerina’s Black Harmony collection.

Ballerina’s Secret is famous in that its hosiery reflects the light, thanks to the black microfiber incorporated into its material. It gives the fabric a matte effect that slims and elongates your legs for an elegant finish. Black is this collections signature colour as it is mysterious – creating an attractive and irresistible aura around you.

The must-have hosiery from Ballerina’s Black Harmony

Not sure where to start with Ballerina’s Secret? Let us try our two best-sellers. The must-have pieces from this iconic hosiery brand. 

The 542 sophisticated skin hold ups incorporate an intricate lace band that adds a seductive twist to any outfit. 

Woman wearing Ballerina Hold-ups from Black Harmony Collection

The Ballerina 546 classic black tights feature a gorgeous and striking faux hold-up and suspender effect.

Woman wearing Ballerina Hold-ups from Black Harmony Collection

You can explore our full range here of Ballerina Black Harmony Tights and Hold Ups here. You can also enjoy our special offer and get 2 for £31 - Click here to view collection

Here's a little sneak peek of the new arrivals coming February 2022


woman wearing Ballerina Black Harmony collection hold ups

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